Savage Servant

Walk by faith, Not by sight.

Together We Rise,
Together We Serve

Savage Servant invites you to a journey that transcends the conventional and takes you to profound depths of spiritual awakening. We believe in fostering a strong, supportive community where every individual’s unique journey is honored and celebrated.

Our Commitment to Community Uplift

Savage Servant is more than a church; it’s a beacon of hope. We’re dedicated to nurturing souls and renewing spirits, investing in leaders who will foster lasting change in their local communities.

Together, We Forge a Path Forward

True strength lies in unity. At Savage Servant, we believe collaboration and shared vision are the keystones of spiritual resilience. Engage with us, and be part of a movement of faith in action.

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Our approach

We are on god's mission to help people in need

At Savage Servant, our movement is rooted love. Our ability to love is rooted in the belief that serving others is serving God. We are dedicated to reaching out to the underprivileged and distressed, providing support, hope, and practical assistance. Our community stands as a testament to what faith in action can achieve.

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Provide adequate solutions for those in need.

Join hands with Savage Servant in crafting meaningful change for those in dire need. Our collective efforts focus on providing robust, compassionate solutions that address the root causes of hardship. Be a part of a movement where every act of kindness creates ripples of hope.


Ready to be a Beacon of Hope?

Embark on a fulfilling journey with Savage Servant. Your time and talents can make a real difference in the lives of many. Connect with us, and together, we’ll turn compassion into action, uplifting lives and nurturing spirits.

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Step into a space of worship, community, and service with Savage Servant. Our events are designed to unite, inspire, and mobilize individuals towards collective action. Witness firsthand the power of faith in action. Be part of our next gathering.

09 July

New Church For Childrens

Rome hall, 08:00 AM - 13:00PM

10 July

People That Needs Church

Rome hall, 08:00 AM - 13:00PM

11 July

People That Needs Church

Rome hall, 08:00 AM - 13:00PM

Raise your hand to make our world a better place

Savage Servant calls upon the faithful to join hands in a mission of love and service. Together, we have the power to transform lives and bring light to the darkest corners of our world. Every act of kindness, every moment of service, and every prayer contributes to a greater good.

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